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This guide includes a rundown of all the working and not lapsed Roblox Promo Codes! In case you’re hoping to get yourself some free frill and things for your symbol, at that point we are very brave to utilize codes that will make them look jazzy quickly. This rundown is right now refreshed with accessible codes for October 2021!

One of the truly fun pieces of Roblox is getting the chance to modify your character! Sadly, a portion of the customization will hinder you a considerable amount of Robux. That is the extraordinary part about promotion codes, since they will give you some great looking beautifiers for your symbol and they are totally free!

What are Roblox Promo Codes?

Here’s the place I monitor all the new stuff that is going on in Roblox. In the event that you can get something free and it has been included as of late, it will doubtlessly show up underneath!

I’ve begun a Twitter account solely for Roblox news and codes, so make certain to follow on the off chance that you need refreshes!

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Accessible Now: Socialsaurus Flex Hat

This code is in festivity of Roblox arriving at 2 million Twitter devotees! Utilize the accompanying code by setting off to this connection and gluing it into the content box and hitting Redeem.

The following Prime Gaming code will be delivered October twelfth, and you will have the option to recover the extremely creepy Wyrm Skeleton that you can wear on your back! You can in any case get the Tropical Coconut Pauldrons restorative for nothing on the off chance that you are an Amazon Prime Member by heading off to this connection.

  • Roblox Prime Gaming Wyrm Skeleton
  • Coming Soon: Topaz Hummingbird Wings

A third code will before long be accessible that will get you the Topaz Hummingbird Wings. We’re actually looking out for the Dapper Narwhal and Wizard Cat to be delivered too, so stay tuned!

What are promotion codes?

  • Roblox Topaz Hummingbird Wings
  • Coming Soon: Dapper Narwhal Shoulder Pal

It would seem that another code will be accessible sooner rather than later. We’re actually looking out for the Wizard Cat, however this Dapper Narwhal Shoulder Pal has quite recently spilled and will be a promotion code in the end!

  • Roblox Dapper Narwhal Shoulder Pal
  • Coming Soon: White Cat Wizard Hat

The White Cat Wizard cap was added to the Avatar Shop and ought to be accessible for nothing in the following scarcely any days by means of a code! We’ll have the code when you can recover it recorded in this post.

  • Roblox White Cat Wizard Hat
  • All Roblox Promo Code List

When you enter the code, you should go into your Inventory and go to the specific region of where the thing will be prepared. On the off chance that it says “Adornment > Shoulder” you should go to Inventory > Accessories > Shoulder to see your recently gained thing! The data for these will be recorded in the bracket underneath.

Working Roblox Promo Codes

  • Here’s elite of the apparent multitude of presently working codes, you can recover a large portion of them here.
  • TWEET2MIL – Redeem code for a free Socialsaurus Flex Hat (NEW)
  • SMYTHSHEADPHONES2021 – Redeem code for a free Gnarly Triangle Headphones
  • WorldAlive – Redeem code for a free Crystalline Companion (Must be recovered in this game)
  • DIY – Redeem code for a free Kinetic Staff (Must be recovered in this game)
  • SettingTheStage – Redeem code for a free Build it Backpack (Must be recovered in this game)
  • StrikeAPose – Redeem code for a free Hustle Hat (Must be recovered in this game)
  • GetMoving – Redeem code with the expectation of complimentary Speedy Shades (Must be recovered in this game)
  • VictoryLap – Redeem code for nothing Cardio Cans (Must be recovered in this game)
  • SPIDERCOLA – Redeem code with the expectation of complimentary Spider Cola Shoulder Pet
  • TWEETROBLOX – Redeem code for a free The Bird Says____ Shoulder Pet
  • Terminated Roblox Promo Codes
  • These codes can never again be recovered and are just on the rundown to show what was accessible previously.
  • GROWINGTOGETHER14 – Redeem code for the Cake Cape
  • TOYRUBACKPACK2021 – Redeem code to get the Fully Loaded Backpack
  • Dark Prince Succulent (Accessory > Hat): JOUECLUBHEADPHONES2021
  • Blue-green Techno Rabbit (Accessory > Hat): TOYRUHEADPHONES2021
  • Brilliant Football (Gear): 100YEARSOFNFL
  • Hashtag No Filter (Accessory > Face): BEARYSTYLISH
  • Hyper HoverHeart (Accessory > Hat): FLOATINGFAVORITE
  • Shade Flyers (Accessory > Back): THISFLEWUP
  • Features Hood (Accessory > Hat): FASHIONFOX
  • Spiky Creepy Shades (Accessory > Face): SMYTHSSHADES2021
  • Final resting place BatPack (Accessory > Back): GAMESTOPBATPACK2021
  • Fall Shoulder Owl Pal (Accessory > Shoulder): TARGETOWLPAL2021
  • Heavenly Pharaoh of the Sun: GAMESTOPPRO2021
  • Firestripe Fedora (Accessory > Hat): HAPPY2021ROBLOX
  • Neapolitan Crown (Accessory > Hat): BARNESNOBLEGAMEON19
  • Liverpool FC Scarf (Accessory > Neck): LIVERPOOLSCARVESUP
  • Excoriated Rats (Gear): FEEDINGTIME
  • Eleven’s Mall Outfit (Bundle): STARCOURTMALLSTYLE
  • Mike’s Bike (Gear): RETROCRUISER
  • Dustin’s Camp Know Where Cap (Accessory > Hat): HAPPYCAMPER
  • Too Social Shades (Accessory > Face): ROBLOXSTRONG
  • Showtime Bloxy Popcorn Hat (Accessory > Hat): $ILOVETHEBLOXYS$
  • Bejeweled Aqua Cap (Accessory > Hat): KINGOFTHESEAS
  • Neon Blue Tie (Accessory > Neck): EBGAMESBLACKFRIDAY
  • Jurassic World Sunglasses (Accessory > Face): JURASSICWORLD
  • IOI Helmet (Accessory > Hat): FINDTHEKEYS
  • Perky Red Dino (Accessory > Hat): ONEMILLIONCLUB!
  • Vulture’s Mask (Accessory > Hat): SPIDERMANONROBLOX
  • Mothra Wings (Accessory > Back): MOTHRAUNLEASHED
  • Drifting Heart (Accessory > Hat): ROBLOXIG500K
  • Shades of the Blue Bird Following (Accessory > Face): ROBLOXROCKS500K
  • Visor of the Blue Bird Following (Accessory > Face): WEAREROBLOX300!
  • twelfth Birthday Cake Hat (Accessory > Hat): !HAPPY12BIRTHDAYROBLOX!
  • Violet Hood of the Ages (Accessory > Hat): 200kTWITCH
  • Full Metal Top Hat (Accessory > Hat): TARGET2021
  • 24k Gold Headphones (Accessory > Hat): GOLDENHEADPHONES2021
  • 150K Summer Shades (Accessory > Face): COOL4SUMMER
  • Nickelodeon Slime Wings (Accessory > Back): KCASLIME
  • Next Level MLG Headphones (Accessory > Hat): MLGRDC
  • Next Level Future Visor (Accessory > Face): KEEPIT100
  • Transylvanian Cape (Accessory > Back): HOTELT2
  • Bloxikin #36: Livestreamin’ Lizard (Accessory > Shoulder): ROADTO100KAY!
  • 75K Super Swoop (Accessory > Hair): 75KSWOOP
  • Southwest Straw Fedora (Accessory > Hat): SXSW2021
  • Next Level Blue Headphones (Accessory > Hat): HEADPHONES2
  • 50k Space ‘Bird of prey (Accessory > Hair): SPACESTYLE

Roblox Promo Codes FAQs

Here’s the place I will address some regular inquiries that are posed about promotion codes for Roblox.

These are codes that you can use to get free corrective things for your symbol! You can prepare them to your character in the Avatar region of Roblox. You will keep these things forever, so don’t stress over them disappearing. Be that as it may, try to reclaim the codes at the earliest opportunity, since they will lapse after a specific measure of time.

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We sadly don’t have the foggiest idea when new codes will show up to Roblox, so these are as a very remarkable shock to you as they are to me! In the event that there is another code, we’ll as a rule have it recorded at the head of the page so it’s the principal thing you see.

How would you use promotion codes?

Recovering promotion codes in Roblox is a basic cycle, yet they do an entirely great job of concealing it! You’ll should simply be signed into your Roblox record and visit the accompanying site:

When you are there, simply duplicate one of the codes beneath and glue it into the content field! Here’s the means by which it should look In the event that you did it right you will see a green approval symbol and the content, “Promotion code effectively recovered!”

When will new promotion codes be delivered?

We once in a while ever know when another code will be delivered. It’s essentially simply irregular, and they are for the most part discharge through Roblox’s online media. If I somehow happened to put a number on the number of we get, it’s commonly one code for every couple of months. There has been various occasions and achievements that have welcomed on more codes, however this is entirely uncommon.


No, you can’t get Robux with promotion codes like these. This is commonly just for symbol things and that’s it. There’s fundamentally no genuine real approach to get Robux for nothing except if it’s through a giveaway or challenge. Most of individuals or locales guaranteeing they have Robux to giveaway are tricks and are hoping to separate some sort of data out of you to make it beneficial.

This is either simply getting you to visit their site or video for sees/advertisement income. A portion of these are additionally hoping to get your Roblox record or individual subtleties. Try not to confide in any outsider sites that are asserting they can get you free Robux.

How long do promotion codes last?

It relies upon the code, at times they will last a long time. You’ll see that there’s a few codes on the rundown that have been around for what seems like until the end of time. More often than not however, I would bet they remain accessible for around 30 days or somewhere in the vicinity. Try to reclaim any new code you see immediately, in light of the fact that you won’t have any desire to pass up a major opportunity!


Need to gain yourself some free new beautifiers without doing a lot other than answer a few inquiries? Indeed, that is the place Roblox Creator Challenges come in! You’ll simply need to fire up every one of the accompanying games, swim your way through certain inquiries to finish the difficulties, and you will at that point increase some entirely sweet rewards!

It’s imperative to ensure that you just play difficulties that are made by “Roblox Creator Challenge” on the grounds that there’s a great deal of fakes out there attempting to burn through your time! These are legitimate difficulties that will make certain to pick up you some plunder after you complete them.

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